There was a song going through my head today as I hiked across the volcanic wasteland. Walking on the moon.
The walk reminded me of another trail I did in the Cabo de Gata in South Eastern Spain , in the desert region of Almeria, with my track buddy Ivor Bundle.
Same twisted rocky mountains, same big empty spaces with no development , same crashing waves onto the sands next to the trail and the same beautiful little flowers struggling in a parched world.
Good thing….. I got a two wheel drive taxi to take me out on the rutted dirt track the 25kms to the lighthouse at Punta de Jandia,
Bad thing….. Half an hour after I started to walk I see a chunky bus on the track. Oh well, some useful info for the guide writers there.

The tiny ex fishing village of El Puertito was a fairly desolate place complete with a bizzare collection of vans and caravans.

More of which I discovered further on down the trail

I wondered if I would see the washed up remains of boats used by African illegal immigrants in the coves as we had on the Cabo de Gata.
Hiking along I remembered why I wanted to do this after the stressful preparation and apprehensive departure. The open spaces, the winding trail, the wind in the hair, actually way too much wind. No wonder there are kite and windsurfers here. But all in all a good first day through amazing grace, I mean space.

They say the greatest journeys begin with a single step. Well this one started with 31,303 steps.


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