The distance markers must be wrong surely ! It took me 6 hours to get to Pajara from last nights shelter and it was only 14 km. Still there were some big climbs involved and some steep and dodgy descents. Big wild empty country.
Decided to fill up with food and water here and head on again to another shelter about 10km further on.
So while I have an hours wi fi I’ll try uploading some photos from the last couple of days.

My first taste of dune walking along the shoreline of the Jandia peninsula.


Stone shelters and umbrellas on the beach for the sun worshipers.

Book now for summer 2015!

The trail above the lagoon.
Then it was time to leave the peninsula and head inland and North across the big sand El Jable.


On the road built by political prisoners.
Past some fishermen in the empty barranco and onto my room with a view.



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