12/ 10 km

A dull start to the day made for a cool walk in the woods from the camp up towards the iconic natural feature of the area, the massive stone arch of The Pravcicka Gate.

There was an educational trail at the beginning featuring another wood block instrument of different species.

 and a timber slide used to get timber out of the forest and into the river to be floated to the towns downstream.

Our route was known as Gabriella’s Way and was lined with magnificent beech trees whose roots spread like fingers across the sandy path.

 The cliffs seemed taller and more sheer than the day before and some sported trees growing out of the vertical rock faces.

 When the canopy opened up in places the views were shrouded in mist.

This was a popular hike and we shared the route with more people than usual and when we arrived at the little chateau built way beyond any road with the aid of mules and cable car it was busy with visitors.

 The arch above it, the largest of it’s kind in Europe, was truly amazing.

 The air had cleared to reveal more far ranging views across the area we’d been walking through.

 and pillars of rock stood up above the forest here and there.

 There were flights of steep steps up above the arch to walkways connecting huge slabs of rock but nowadays no access to the arch itself.

We return to camp on a circular route that took us through more forest

 and along tree lined roads by the unfenced  hay meadows.

 We went through another village of pretty houses with a good few pensions and restaurants and what seemed to us to be more life than over the border in east Germany.

After a couple of weeks in the splendours of nature we were looking forward to seeing some of mankinds best work so packed up and headed for what has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague. Sally had found a campsite on the river a short tram ride from the centre. When we arrived at the small camp we discovered that the World Cup canoe slalom was happening next to us which was quite exciting. The real excitement came the next day when we rubbernecked around the sights of the old town with the rest of the hoards of tourists.

These photos can’t do justice to the subtle beauty to the mingling architectural periods and designs but give a flavour of our stroll down “the Royal Route” from the Powder Gate to Prague Castle.


There were great details like the astronomical clock on the town hall

 and ornate doorways.

 People took rides in carriages

  in fancy cars

  and lots on Segways

  The famous Charles Bridge did not disappoint

  With great views across the river to the castle.

  On the bridge a series of statues had in places been rubbed to a shine by countless thousands of passerbys.

  More historic gateways led to yet more  grand vistas and intimate spaces.

Sally particularly liked the cobble paving and now wants me to do the yard.

An intriguing street act I hadn’t seen before led us up towards the castle where a gorilla run was incongruous.

Up in the enormous castle grounds we were overwhelmed by the windows in St Vitus cathedral.

Feeling sated of splendours and getting overwhelmed by the crowds we took in one last viewpoint and retreated to the river camp to regroup for another advance into the city the next day.


  1. Enjoying your rambling stories and pictures. There was a great little theatre in the main street in Prague down from the museum when I was there, it was the best theatre and mime I have every seen. I think it was called something like the black box so if you come across it its worth a visit. Everything is good here. xx


    1. We saw a “Black Light Theatre ” but didn’t stay for a show. So much going on there. They love the puppet theatre. We Loved Prague. It’s raining on our Polish mid summer


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