Our next move was to drive 300km west to Clermont Ferand and the volcanos of the Auvergne.

We had planned to spend some time hiking around this area and needed some info so headed into the city centre.

 Chic and sophisticated plantings and transportation and streets capes.

 We visited the cathedral and marvelled again at the money and majesty needed to do this thing.

 ‘Twas a handsome city

 but not the wilds I was looking for, so after a long stop at the olive oil and other overpriced frippery store , managed to get to the take off point for a hike around some volcanic comes. Unfortunately that point was a massive car park but it had a good view and as the hordes left we settled in for the night.

Bright and early we hit the trail, noticing how much cooler no colder it is now. A balloon rose over the scene

 as we headed up the Puy de Dome, the tallest volcano in the region with a fine view of the other forested cones to the south.

We did it the hard way while most folk took the train.

 The thing ran till 11 at night but didn’t give you time to stop and take in the sights like we did.

 There were flights of steps running down this volcano and up its neighbour and they were made from oak. 

  A very different, more open landscape, to the mountains we’ve been in. They were working hard to protect it with the steps and fencing.

 and the caldera of the cones was impressive.

Back down through hazel wood

 and heathland and some nice mature birch

Back at base we planned our backpack exploration of the area to the south and drove off to Aydat from where we will hit the GR 30 at dawn tomorrow for a three day hike and leave the wheels behind.


  1. just back from another visit to blighty and have been catching up with what you guys are up to, i didnt think it was gonna get any better than Slovenia but the Dolamites look outstanding, do you think they are always busy or is there an off season when you can still go (weather wise) and not so many people around. you mention that its cooling down witch is good because it will aclimatise you for when you get back because it hasnt warmed up here. I suppose i can say see you soon now, not sure when youre back but it must be soon . Cant wait to see ya XxX


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