We left our restaurant side park up disappointed by being turned away from a deeply anticipated meal there. We’ve had some trouble being served a few times for reasons exceptionelle. ?

But as it was a very rainy day we’d had our first real lie in and hadn’t left the cloudy gorges till nearly midday.

 We had a few hours drive northwest cross country to get to our next park up in Oulches near the centre of France. The area around there, the Park Naturel Reginal de la Brenne, looked really interesting with acres of forest and a myriad of lakes.

 The weather improved as we went and after settling in to our temporary home and checking the facilities

 we went for a marked hike about the environs.

   It was all deeply rural. A little unknown (to most) patch of rich land and thick oak forest studded with little ponds and pools and rich in fungi.


 The little village had a huge church and nice little houses.

We went further into the park the following day, to an interpretive centre, where there were boardwalks across some ponds and hides full of twitchers spying on the rich bird life.

 There was all manner of wildlife in the area including boar and deer and little terrapins.  You don’t often see this road sign.

The lakes and other man made ponds were often stocked with carp, a specialty of the region, which must have been great terrapin and bird food.

Time to move on again. Another few hundred km northwest to a family rendezvous on the banks of the Loire near Nantes. Keeping away from major roads again we past through one beautiful town or village after another , anyone of which would have a steam of coach tours and tourists but here were left to fade in a very chic fashion.

And so we arrived at our free parkup from the guide to discover yet another nice tranquil spot with water and toilets, walks and cycle ways, restaurant and bar, ancient ruins and history. How civilised this country is.


  1. We’ve ridden our tandems around those parts when the kids were small and it is beautiful and so close to home. You’ve had great weather throughout, or at least that’s how it looks in the pictures, but I imagine the iPhone isn’t much of an underwater camera! Crap you didn’t get served. Their loss! I know you’re two of the good guys! Maybe they thought you might part the Red Sea and drown the Egyptian army Steve! Or come up with some Commandments on stone tablets or find a burning bush out in the carpark!

    I’ve really enjoyed this trip from our drizzly climate here!


  2. Hello from rain soaked Somerset!! Have been reading your blog sporadically and marvelling at the scenery and all 4 of yous energy. And the vans dogged reliability! It’s certainly taken you to some real interesting places. Great news from Bill! Congrats to you both!! Are you meeting up with J,S and E shortly?


  3. When I say “its taken you to some real interesting places’ I mean your energy! wasn’t meaning the van! tho it has obviously done a sterling job too!


  4. Hope you are all having a lovely time and good weather….its done nothing but rain here for days! Salut! Bon chance! and bon voyage!


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