hiking in canaries



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First day of the trip coming to an end and time to try get iPhone blog up into the ether.
Good thing…my hiking poles and tent pegs got through security.
Bad thing…took me an age and much stress to get Spanish sim and data up and running.
The flight over the island and the bus ride down it revealed a hell of a lot of empty space.
Mucho sand and rock. Some amazing volcanic calderas(?)
A hint of green after whatever winter rains they get but mostly all shades of beige.
I landed at the end of the bus route at the large resort ofMorro Jable an expensive 4 wheel drive taxi ride from the start which I’m off to bright and early tomorrow.
Good thing/bad thing … Whilst walking the beach this evening I was witness to a procession of white robed figures who proceeded to disrobe on their way and walk naked into the sea. Fairly surreal, or possibly normal in these parts.